Why are we so affordable 

Why Are We So Affordable?

Because we only buy direct from manufacturers.

And we only sell direct to you.


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Please note that for ease of

operation and maintenance

we are changing the size of 

our 12v box. The new size

will be the same as our 

60/100 LPH system box.

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Now you can stay for a long as you like......

H2O on the Go® the worlds most affordable and portable desalination using reverse osmosis.

Now everyone who enjoys the great outdoors or spending time out on the water can convert: the ocean, brackish rivers and creeks or unreliable fresh water sources into potable water, and it won’t take all day.

Water maker

H2O on the Go® manufacture a range of watermakers to suit many different situations both ocean and land based. We manufacture to order so we can work with you to insure you get the product for your needs.

We start with 6 watermaker systems of increasing size and water producing capabilities and you can make adjustments to any of these system so that they better suit your situation.

12v 15/25 LPH System

Our 12v watermaker systems provide more water per amp then any other 12v system on the market, and can be supplied as a fully portable ‘pick up and go’ system or as a modular system for installing in a boat or vehicle.

Our 110/240v watermaker systems can be run off a 2kva generator or provided as an engine driven system and once again can be supplied as a portable system or a modular system for installing in a boat or vehicle.

H2O on the Go® also manufacture fully automatic brackish and freshwater watermakers for use many situations including: car and truck wash industries, coffee machines, misting and humidifying industries, commercial ice making, laboratories, aquariums, manufacturing & health appliances.